Recent Developments and News

The exclusive Blue Boar Resident’s Association dinner is coming up on the 28th of March, click here to see the menu.

Our Easter Day menu is now available to view online, click here to view our seasonal specials!

The hotel closed this last summer for a major decoration and refurbishment of the bathrooms following an auction of its outdated fabric and some works of art that deserved a more secure setting. The auction raised a staggering £200,000 which the management team are now reinvesting in the site. Conversion of half the hotel rooms into apartments means the B&B accommodation is now quieter and gets more attention.

Though the bar remains popular (insert photo) the courtyard is closed to through traffic (please enter through the arch after 16:30) and the smoking ban in the courtyard makes the site quieter and more exclusive to residents; the premise is completely secure after 23:30.

At Easter there will be a “changing of the guard” with younger members of the family bringing in new business experience and energy to the force. At least we will be ‘on duty’ two days a week to help or hinder and look forward to meeting you.